30minute-Seder Haggadah: BRAILLE BOOK

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30minute-Seder: "The Haggadah that Blends Brevity with Tradition" BRAILLE EDITION

The Braille edition of 30minute-Sederâ„¢ contains the same text word for word as our other formats. Now the entire family can be on the same page throughout the entire Seder!

Contains the same text word for word as our other formats
Transliterated Hebrew included for all major prayers
Bound in a sturdy multi-ring binder with heavy plastic cover
The treatment given to the four children (traditionally the four sons) is simply brilliant.
The four questions and their answers are presented in a truly thought-provoking way.
30minute-Sederâ„¢, while brief, remains true to the reverence of Passover.
Traditional Seder songs are included as well
12" x 11" 48 Braille pages