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Family Fun pack: "Have a great Seder and keep the kids entertained!"

Our Family Fun Pack gets you a generous sampling of our best and most fun Passover items. Our most popular is the 30minute-Seder Haggadah. It’s a condensed Seder covering the highlights, while still preserving the meaning of the Seder ritual. You get a dozen of those along with two large print editions—great for the leader or the “one that forgot their reading glasses.” What’s a Seder without the food?!! Our handy cookbook has iconic recipes for every course along with a few innovative touches like our Tropical Matzah Brei. And of course, our Magic Macaroons are easy, delicious, and even gluten free. Your matzah-themed afikoman bag will give your Seder table some style and keep the crumbs contained.  Print out the full-color placecards to add some color and give your Seder Table that something extra and keep the kids busy coloring the Passover coloring pages you've downloaded and printed.  

Here's what you get: 
Dozen 30minute-Seder Haggadahs 
Two Large Print 30minute-Seder Haggadahs 
"Kosher-Style Passover Cooking Made Simple" cookbook 
Full-Color Seder Table Place cards print-your own DOWNLOAD
Passover Coloring Pages print-your own DOWNLOAD

Click on the video above to see our "Magic Macaroon" recipe in action!