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Thanks to the helpful ads that run alongside Gmail messages, we were able to find a toddler-friendly Seder that even Ari enjoyed...

Comments: You saved my Seder!! We now have two children, one 5 and one 3. Without the 30 Minute Seder, our family Seder would have been awful (as it was the night before). Thank you so much!!
Rhonda S

Thank you so very much! What a wonderful and unexpected blessing! May the God who sees all send so many blessings your way that you lose count.

Thank you for providing a solid basis for our most enjoyable Seder to date!
Marsha V

In the 15 years since becoming a grandparent, and in the years before when our children were small never have I seen children so eager to participate in the reading of the Hagaddah. As a child, I suffered through hours of prayers, tedious rhetoric and information that I didn't understand. Last night, our grandson who is about to be bar mitzvah, led the seder. You can't imagine how wonderful it was to see our grandchildren happily engaged in a ritual I dreaded. He is going to do it again this evening, and we will be as proud tonight as we were last night. But best of all he was so pleased with himself. Thank you for making hours of torture into a pleasant experience for all. Please feel free to use this email as a testimonial.
Gail Bernstein

Firstly, Chag Sameach. I just wanted to let you know that your 30 Minute Seder was a huge success at my Seder table down here in Sydney Australia!!!. As a last minute decision, I purchased your Haggadah and down loaded a copy (30 minutes before the guests arrived). I have struggled for the past 16 years at my Seder table to engage people who have no interest in a Seder, except of course, for the food. I come from a family where we read the whole Haggadah, sang all the songs, and all participated. We also changed all our dishes and kept kosher. I still do this today in my Home. My husband’s family did not, and all of them have had very little Jewish education.

I have tried all sorts of antics to make first night more enjoyable for everyone - especially me as I sit with my kishkes in a knot cos no-one knows to sing, read, or even looks like they want to be doing anything. The 30 minute Seder has triumphed. We all left feeling satisfied (if a little full of Pesach delights).

I will now photocopy enough for everyone and be assured that your 30 Minute Seder will become a tradition in my Home on first night Seder!!!
Pauline D

I must tell you, this is absolutely wonderful to have with anxious/hungry children and those who are not Jewish...prevents boredom and disinterest. Thank you!

THANK YOU -THANK YOU -THANK YOU. This looks to be a super Haggadah and I will be using it at our Model Seder for our Temple Religious school as well as at my Home Seder. Since our Congregation also holds a 2nd night Community Seder, I will see if we can incorporate some of it into that also (with 90+ people attending, it's hard to keep their attention!!)
Lynda W

Hello! I was so happy to find your Haggadah. It was just what I was looking for, as I am giving a presentation with a limited amount of time. Thanks very much, I'm looking forward to using it. I especially like that you have it available for download - that saved me waiting for it to arrive in the mail, and naturally, I'm working at the last minute.
Susan C

It did a great job of hitting the high points, and worked very well as an introduction for people who aren't familiar with the service. Also, because time was a factor, I was very happy that we were able to have introductory remarks and a few explanatory comments during, and we were finished in 45 minutes or so. It makes me sad to feel like we would want to race through this service, which is so precious, and full of good memories for me personally, yet sometimes, you have to. (the Israelites, after all, were in a bit of a hurry themselves...) Thanks very much for a great book!
Susan C

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