Seder Songs: 2 CDs & SONGBOOK

Seder Songs: 2 CDs & SONGBOOK

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Seder Songs: 2 CDs and Songbook

You won’t believe your ears!

Read along, sing along, or both! The 63 page songbook includes fully-notated lyric and lead sheets. One of the cds contains music and vocals to 22 popular Passover tunes while the other cd contains the same songs but with no vocals at all. That’s right...Passover Karaoke-Style! Actually, we think that the cd without the vocals makes for some really nice background music while performing the Seder. Although...if bubby can belt it out then let her go for it!

Made available to us by the United Synagogue of Reform Judaism (URJ), Seder Songs features 22 fantastic tunes for the Passover Seder. You’ll find some of the most tried-and-true traditional melodies from both Ashkenazi and Sephardi traditions played in a variety of contemporary and classical styles by different artists. This collection includes a variety of songs tailored to children as well as adults.

For the Passover diva in all of us!